March 27, 2024

In defence of faux

In defence of faux
- By Karen Conrad -

I have never been a fan of fake plants. The purist (pretentious?) plant lover in me thought I was above them somehow because ‘I only like real plants’. I did not consider them appropriate to sell at The Greenery (please see previous note about possible pretentiousness…) 

Two things changed my mind.

  1. Life-like indoor plants got a lot more life-like. In fact, they are so much improved they are quite stunning and most people would not easily notice they are not real.
  2. I am away from home a lot and while I have lots of tricks and tips for keeping indoor plants alive when their parents are away, not every plant can cope without enough attention, and I felt sad when I came home to plants that were either struggling or that hadn’t made it.

So now The Greenery has some life-like plants for sale and I have some at home. As part of my menagerie that will always include real indoor plants, I am enjoying them all.

We now jest that we don’t discriminate – we love greenery of all kinds.