March 27, 2024

Party up your garden

Party up your garden
- By Karen Conrad -

I love it when friends and family are visiting. Much like the amount of professional work we typically get done the day before we go on holiday, preparing for visitors can get lots of jobs done at home that may not otherwise make it to the top of the list.

Like partying up the garden for Christmas. There are so many beautiful plants available during our southern Australian summer, it actually couldn’t be easier.

Starting inside, my biggest decision is between my year round go-to orchids or the instant Christmas vibe of poinsettias. Not really being an ‘or’ girl, I go for both but I just love the shot of red in my living room of the traditional poinsettias. At about the same price as a bunch of cut flowers, they flower all summer long.

I also like to make sure I bring in fresh pots of herbs to the kitchen for their look and aromas and of course to use in festive food and drinks. I feel a little bit more pulled together with this small, low cost Instagram moment. A cheap thrill, if you will.

Outside, the garden gets partied up for Christmas with new annuals in pots at the front door, a wipe down of the outdoor furniture and a terracotta pot full of petunias and lobelias is placed on top of every available surface.

Such simple, big impact moves make me wonder why I save this garden party life just for special occasion.