March 27, 2024

Sssh, don’t tell the nursery staff what I do with hydrangeas

Sssh, don’t tell the nursery staff what I do with hydrangeas
- By Karen Conrad -

Yes of course hydrangeas are garden royalty – obsessed over by design mavens the world over. Please google Aerin Lauder’s Hamptons home or any number of east coast USA preppy gardens for proof of that.

In Melbourne, they are best in sheltered, shady positions with some sun but not enough to scorch them. Beyond that the only thing to decide is what colour is for you. Not that long ago, it seemed like it was a three horse race between pink, blue and white and now seemingly every year our growers add more from beautiful burgundies to crinkly, creamy pink fringed blooms. (Fun fact – the biggest seller at The Greenery is white.) How is a girl to choose? Blue has my heart, and pink, and…

So here is my secret. They are so beautiful in flower, I like to enjoy them inside for a few days. Either in a lovely pot, or very temporarily in The Greenery’s lovely gift wrapping, they look great on my kitchen bench, on my dining table or on my entry console. They are a show stopper instead of a bunch of flowers wherever you can find a spot to enjoy them before planting them in the garden. Where they belong😊