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5th Perfect Planting Time
Preparing soil and pots for planting. Tips and tricks for planting a beautiful garden bed.

12th Fragrant Garden
Perfumed plants for your gardenand pots. How to choose the best plants for the right spots and how to encourage best flowering. The talk will include Jasmine, Gardenias, Osmanthus, Daphne and Stephanotis.

19th Vegetables & Herbs to Plant Now
What to plant​ ​in Autumn for Autumn and Winter eating. The talk will​ ​cover what to plant, growing conditions, plant care and​ ​tips for organic growing.

26th Plant Doctor
Your questions answered, and​ ​problems solved. Our trained horticultural staff are the​ ​experts you need.


2nd Plants for Autumn Foliage Colour
How to use foliage​ ​colour to maximum effect. Popular trees and shrubs, site​ ​recommendations, soil conditions, plant positioning,​ ​ornamental specimen planting. Japanese Maples will be a​ ​feature plant in today’s Sunday Talk.

9th The Fragrant Garden
O​ur recommendations for the​ ​best plants for perfumed delight, from Gardenias​ ​to Madagascan jasmine, and how to position, plant and​ ​care for them. 

16th Camellia Sasanqua
The Queen of Trees – When, where​ ​and how to plant. Versatile varieties. Shrubs for hedging,​ ​topiary, espalier, pots or gardens. How to choose the​ ​camellia for you. Growing conditions, soil requirements​ ​and fertilisers to use – this talk covers it all.

23rd Plant Doctor
Bring in your leaves, questions and​ ​concerns and we’ll give you the answers.

 30th Azaleas for Autumn Colour
Everything you need to​ ​know about which ones to choose for sun or shade and​ ​your soil requirements, including growing conditions and​ ​care and maintenance.



7th Transplanting Shrubs and Trees
Are you moving and​ ​want to move a much-loved plant with you? Would you​ ​like to simply move a plant from one spot in your garden​ ​to another? This talk has all the tips and information you​ ​need.

14th The Indoor Plant Edit for Mothers’ Day
How to make​ ​your colourful flowering gifts last and what to plant for​ ​long lasting Autumn colour.

21st Plant Doctor
Your questions answered, and​ ​problems solved. Our trained horticultural staff are the​ ​experts you need.

28th Make More Plants
How to propagate simple plant​ ​cuttings. Methods, materials needed, positioning and care​ ​for best results. Propagating can look beautiful!