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Camellia flowers come in a myriad of colours, flower shapes and sizes, and give us colour in winter making the days seem less grey! They also provide year-round foliage so are perfect as a feature tree, hedging plant or to create variety and texture in a garden bed. Camellia japonica prefers a shadier position, while Camellia sasanqua will tolerate more sun. We have dozens of both types and colour varieties available year-round.

Our most popular varieties of Camellia japonica are Volcano, Lovelight, Desire, Brushfields Yellow and Elegans. Our popular Camellia sasanqua varieties include Early Pearly, Sweet Jane, Paradise Blush, Hiryu, Yuletide,  Setsugekka and Jennifer Susan. Two special mentions must go to the hybrid Camellias Volunteer and Donation.