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    After 45 years on site at Heidelberg, we need to do some renovations and repairs to prepare us for the future. We will be attending to boring things like fixing our leaking roof but also redesigning the nursery and adding an exciting new plant space – can’t announce details yet.

    Winter at The Greenery will be across the carpark in our Outdoor Living Building and surrounding courtyards. It will be mostly under cover and warm inside. 

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  • The Perfect Picnic Pack

    The Perfect Picnic Pack
    The weekend’s here and you’re meeting friends or family for a picnic in the park. Planned or impromptu, you’ll find a fabulous range of food products at The Greenery Garden & Home to fill your hamper to the brim!
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  • Our Food Store

    Our Food Store
    It’s FOOD, FOOD, FOOD here at The Greenery Garden & Home! Our Food Store is expanding and we stock a variety of different food categories. We have asked 10 (of our 65!) employees here what their favourite Food Store items are, have a read!
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